auction conditions
1. The auction takes place voluntarily and publicly, against cash payment.
2. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw lots, divide or combine them or, in the event of misunderstanding, to auction them again.
3. Lots are described conscientiously, without however incurring the auctioneer's liability.
4. The auctioneer can reject written bids, exclude a buyer from the room or not take account of his bids, without providing a reason for doing so.
5. Starting prices are minimum prices in Swiss francs.
6. In addition to the purchase price, commission of 19% and any dispatch costs will be due. VAT of 8% will be calculated and due on the total amount. Each lot is awarded to the highest bidder. Written bids are treated conscientiously and in the client's interest (price of the bid directly below increased by one increment). In the event of equal bids, the first one received takes precedence.
7. The auction sale is at the personal risk of the buyer. Clients having bid in writing who are unknown to the auctioneer or do not have proper references will receive a pro forma invoice. All invoices must be settled within 10 days from dispatch. In the event of a delay, a supplement of 5% will be charged plus interest of 1% per month commenced. The amount of the invoice will be collected in accordance with proper procedures.
8. Lots remain the property of the auctioneer until full payment of the invoice.
9. Lots can only be returned for a valid reason and must be received within 10 days from when the lots are handed over or dispatched. Subsequent expertisation of a lot is payable by the buyer and will not result in any extension of the payment deadline.
No claim will be accepted in the following cases:
lots with a certificate;
lots with noted faults (hinge, faulty gum, slit or tear, fold, etc.) or photographed lots when connected with margins, perforations or the postmark;
lots whose original condition has been altered;
lots comprising 3 stamps or more, as well as those comprised of more than one letter, card, document, etc.
10. Signatures of official Swiss experts are not considered to be alterations to the condition of the stamp.
11. In the event of alleged forgeries or repairs, the buyer has six months from the day of the sale to prove the latter by means of an attestation from a recognised expert.
12. The place of jurisdiction for any dispute is Genève and Swiss law is applicable.
  Last deadline for receipt of written bids: two days before the auction at 12:00.

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